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E-Z LOK™ Instructional Videos

Now that you’ve decided to use E-Z LOK™ threaded inserts for your metal, wood or plastic applications, you may have questions about how they are installed. Or maybe you just want a better understanding of STI taps, or the difference between thin wall and standard wall inserts. You can find all the answers laid out clearly and simply in the E-Z LOK™ instructional videos below. Check back for new information or contact us to learn more if one of your questions isn’t covered here.

3 Reasons to Use E-Z Lok Solid Wall Threaded Inserts

E-Z LOK solid wall threaded inserts are strong, easy to install, and self locking. Strong threads made easy. Check out this link for more details.

How to Install Coil Inserts from E-Z Lok

Quick, step-by-step instructions for installing coil (helical) thread repair inserts from E-Z Lok. Visit this link for more information regarding coil threaded inserts.

How to install E-Z Lok inserts

E-Z LOK solid wall threaded inserts for metal install with standard tools. No special tap or installation tool needed. See this link for further installation instructions.

Installing E-Z Lok Thin Wall Inserts Requires a Slightly Larger Drill

E-Z LOK Thin Wall inserts for metal require the use of a slightly larger drill than normally used with the corresponding tap. Get more information on thin wall inserts here.

Understanding STI Taps with E-Z Lok

STI taps cut a unique thread designed specifically for use with coil (helical) thread repair inserts. Check out this link for further details.