E-Z LOK™ Threaded Insert for Soft Wood


Soft woods like pine and wood materials like composition board, plywood and MDF can be delicate and prone to splitting and splintering if the right hardware isn't used. With an E-Z LOK™ threaded insert for wood, your softer wood materials will be protected while still providing a strong machined thread for fastener insertion.

E-Z LOK™ wood inserts are a perfect solution for any application where assembly or disassembly could lead to erosion, stripping or other types of damage to the material. Our soft wood inserts are available with internal thread sizes from #6 to ⅜, plus M6 and M8. You can also choose from multiple lengths in most sizes, making it easy to find the right E-Z LOK™ wood inserts for your application and tools.

At a Glance: the E-Z LOK™ Threaded Insert for Wood

  • Easy and inexpensive thread reinforcement for soft wood
  • Fast, simple installation
  • Flush and flanged models available
  • UNC and metric threads
  • Multiple lengths available

Important Note: Hole size requirements may vary depending on a number of factors, including material and tools. We recommend that you test your particular application before ordering — samples may be provided to distributors upon request of E-Z LOK™ wood inserts to help you find the perfect fit. You can also view our product specification resources for more information or check out the rest of our threaded inserts for wood today.

A Closer Look at E-Z LOK Wood Inserts

E-Z LOK is proud to offer two types of threaded inserts for soft wood: E-Z Hex and E-Z Fin. Both of these E-Z LOK wood inserts protect soft wood materials while providing a strong, machined thread for fastener insertion. E-Z Hex is available in inch or metric threads with flush and flanged design options. It can also be used anywhere a threaded fastener is installed in soft wood. E-Z Fin, on the other hand, comes in three lengths for varying material thicknesses and has an easy press-in installation. We cover these E-Z LOK wood inserts more in the sections below.

What applications can I use E-Z Hex inserts for?

Our E-Z Hex inserts are a perfect choice for a number of applications like:

  • Ready to Assemble Furniture
  • Drawer Pulls
  • Display Cases
  • Crating
  • Materials such as pine, plywood, composition board, and MDF
  • ...anywhere a threaded fastener is installed in soft wood

What applications can I use E-Z Fin inserts for?

Our E-Z Fin inserts provide firm, permanent fastening by distributing stress over a greater surface area, minimizing the chance of splintering, splitting and thread erosion. They're great for applications like:

  • Soft woods: such as pine, composition board, and MDF
  • Most Plastics

I have a question that wasn't answered here. Where can I ask it?

If you have a question about E-Z LOK thread inserts for soft wood or any other of E-Z LOK's products, we're happy to provide our expertise. Fill out our contact form or reach out to our customer service representatives at the following number: 800-234-5613. We also recommend checking out our additional resources below for more information about E-Z LOK wood inserts.

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Select up to 4 items to compare.