E-Z Hex™ Drive Thread Kits

The E-Z Hex™ Drive Threaded insert kit offers the parts you need to provide solid reinforcement to threaded holes in soft wood materials. Depending on the requirements of your project, we offer standard kits with specific inserts in both flanged and flush designs, as well as assortment kits with a variety of insert sizes to assist with your work.

Aside from plywood, E-Z Hex™ inserts are ideal for most soft wood material, such as pine, composition board and MDF. Some of the applications that benefit from using our thread kits include:

  • Display cases
  • Shipping containers
  • Ready-to-assemble furniture

In addition to the kits below, E-Z LOK™ has additional thread kits for other applications, including metals and hard wood:

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Get solid reinforcement when you install your hex drive threaded insert using our thread kits. Equipped with all the essential tools and accessories, our thread kits are available in a range of I.D. thread sizes and inch or metric threads. Standard kits come with a special drive tool, a matching size drill bit and single-size inserts. In comparison, our assortment kits have several sizes of inserts and drive tools. From ready-to-assemble furniture to crating and display cases, our hex drive thread kits can provide you with the proper tools for endless applications. Browse our selection today!

1. How Do Threaded Inserts Work?

Our hex drive threaded inserts are designed with standard ID threads and a proprietary external thread that is ideal for soft wood, composition board, MDF, and plywood. After the insert is threaded into place, you have a strong, machine thread that will hold up to repeated bolt installations and removals.

2. Where Can I Purchase Hex Drive Thread Kits?

E-Z LOK's hex drive thread kits are available from your local distributor and the following online catalogs:

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