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For Metal

Simplify your thread insert installation in metal with E-Z LOK threaded inserts. Our inserts prevent stripping and thread erosion while providing superior holding power. From helical to solid wall thread inserts, we'll walk you through how to install threaded inserts and select the best tools for the job.

For Wood

Wood projects, such as furniture or cabinetry, require threaded inserts to create firm bonds when connecting joints such as table legs. Understanding how to install threaded inserts in wood can dramatically extend the life of all your hardwood designs.

For Plastic

Splitting and splintering are some of the main risks of working with plastic. Our E-Z Press™, E-Z Sonic™ and E-Z Fin™ (Finserts) are designed for your specific needs, and we can show you how to install threaded inserts in plastic. Designed with superior holding power, E-Z LOK threaded inserts for plastic are available with inch and metric internal threads, and in brass or stainless steel.

Need Help?

E-Z LOK is your trusted source for all your wood, metal and plastic threaded insert needs. We carry an expansive line of threaded locking inserts, including specialized products for plastic and wood, and E-Z Coil™ (helical) threaded inserts for metal. Contact us with any questions about products or installation — our experts are here to help.

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