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E-Z LOK Thin Wall Threaded Inserts

Similar to our selection of E-Z LOK Solid Wall inserts, our Thin Wall threaded inserts offer the same quality and performance. However, E-Z LOK Thin Wall inserts are smaller in diameter than our Standard Wall inserts. Nonetheless, these specialty Thin Wall metal inserts are still highly effective at creating strong, secure fits once inserted and installed into an open hole.

Comparatively speaking, Thin Wall threaded inserts and E-Z Coil™ inserts share equivalent hole sizes. However, they're not applied the same way. E-Z Coil™ fasteners require their own set of installation tools, but E-Z LOK Thin Wall inserts can be installed with standard tools, as can Standard Wall inserts.

What's the Difference Between Standard and Thin Wall Threaded Inserts?

When you look at Standard Wall and Thin Wall inserts side-by-side, you'll notice that they are extremely similar in appearance. The major difference between the two is the diameter. The smaller diameter of Thin Wall inserts is helpful for users concerned about hole size or part weight.

Thin wall inserts require the use of a slightly larger drill than normally used with the corresponding tap. This is because Thin Wall threaded inserts have an oversized minor diameter on the OD thread. The oversized OD thread minor diameter allows us to maintain the structural integrity of the insert while reducing the overall diameter.

For example, a 31/64 drill is typically used when preparing to tap a hole 9/16-12. However, when installing a Thin Wall metal insert with a 9/16-12 OD thread, the hole needs to be drilled 33/64.

What Types of Thin Wall Threaded Inserts Are Available?

You can order a thin wall insert in either carbon steel or stainless steel. Regardless of which alloy you choose, though, E-Z LOK Thin Wall inserts come in multiple metric and standard sizes to meet your project's needs. Additionally, you can order two specialized kits for Thin Wall threaded inserts: a repair kit or an assortment kit.

FAQ About E-Z LOK Thin Wall Inserts

If you've never used E-Z LOK Thin Wall inserts before, you may still have some questions about how they work or if you need them for your project. To clear up any confusion about Thin Wall threaded inserts, we've listed one of our most commonly asked questions below. If you still have questions, however, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

Can You Only Use E-Z LOK Thin Wall Inserts on Metal?

Yes, all E-Z LOK Thin Wall inserts are intended for soft metal materials and should not be used on wood or plastic. For example, you can install Thin Wall threaded inserts into cast iron, magnesium and aluminum surfaces.

Order E-Z LOK Thin Wall Inserts

If you have a project with weight restrictions, E-Z LOK Thin Wall inserts may be right for you. These powerful fasteners can be applied in a matter of minutes and leave long-lasting, reliable results after each installation. You can't go wrong with using these components on your softer metal materials. Browse our selection and find a distributor today.

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