E-Z Sonic™ Heat Set Inserts For Thermoplastics

E-Z LOK’s E-Z Sonic™ heat set inserts are designed for post-molding installation in thermoplastic materials. Machined out of high-quality brass and available with both inch and metric threads, our heat set threaded inserts are durable enough for the toughest environments and versatile enough to meet the needs of any application.

Heat Set Insert Features:

  • Heat stake inserts are available in tapered and straight designs
  • Install with a heat driver or ultrasonic horn
  • Superior torque and pull-out resistance of our ultrasonic inserts for plastic
  • Inch or metric threads
  • Tapered design in single and double vane
  • Straight design in flush or flanged configuration

Important Note: Heat set insert hole size requirements may vary depending on a number of factors, including material and tools. We recommend you test your particular application before ordering. Samples of our ultrasonic inserts may be provided to distributors upon request!

Along with our ultrasonic threaded inserts, E-Z LOK has additional brass inserts for other applications. View all available brass inserts, or locate a distributor to learn more about all inserts available from E-Z LOK!

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A Closer Look At Our E-Z Sonic Heat Set Inserts

Our E-Z Sonic™ heat set inserts are ideal for post-molding installation in thermoplastics such as acrylic, polypropylene and PVC. Made with durable brass, each of the ultrasonic threaded inserts we offer comes in tapered or straight designs, depending on the needs of your application. With superior torque and pull-out resistance, you can count on our E-Z LOK’s heat set inserts for plastics to meet the needs of the toughest jobs.

How Do You Install Ultrasonic/Heat Stake Inserts In Thermoplastics?

E-Z Sonic™ inserts can be installed ultrasonically or by using a heat driver. For ultrasonic installation, a pneumatic driver will create high-frequency vibrations. The heat generated by these vibrations will melt the plastic, allowing the ultrasonic insert to be installed and held in place by the cooling plastic.

Heat drivers and soldering irons work by heating up the insert to a temperature beyond the melting point of the thermoplastic. Pre-drilled holes are made and the heat stake insert is pushed into place, melting the plastic around it.

How Do You Determine the Right Size of Heat Set Inserts for Your Application?

The appropriate size and variety of E-Z Sonic™ heat set inserts will depend on your application's requirements. Our experts recommend testing to determine the appropriate size and series of brass ultrasonic threaded inserts you need. E-Z LOK is happy to provide samples to distributors upon request.

What Is the Difference Between E-Z Press™ and E-Z Sonic™ Heat Set Inserts?

E-Z Sonic™ heat staking inserts for thermoplastics are designed with specific materials and projects in mind. They work well with 3D printing applications and products made from similar materials. They require heat generation to melt the plastic around the insert for proper installation.

E-Z Press™ threaded inserts for plastic are designed for both thermoset plastics and thermoplastics. They come in three varieties — flush, flanged and reverse slot — to match the needs of your application and its hold strength. They are created specifically for "cold" installation using anything from a rubber mallet to an arbor press.

Straight vs. Tapered E-Z Sonic™ Ultrasonic Threaded Inserts

There are two basic designs for E-Z Sonic™ threaded heat set inserts: tapered and straight. Both styles can be installed with either an ultrasonic horn or heat driver, and feature knurl/groove patterns designed for optimum torque and pull-out resistance.

Straight E-Z Sonic™ Ultrasonic Inserts

Our straight heat set inserts provide superior torque and pull-out resistance, while allowing for thinner boss walls. Flush heat stake inserts allow for installation even with or below the material surface; flanged inserts are ideal for electrical connections or for additional pull-out resistance in reverse installations. E-Z Sonic™ straight ultrasonic threaded inserts feature a lead-in pilot to facilitate installation. Machined out of brass, these straight ultrasonic inserts are available with internal threads from #2 to 3/8.

Tapered E-Z Sonic™ Ultrasonic Inserts

Our tapered heat stake inserts are designed to reduce installation time, particularly in production runs, while maintaining outstanding performance characteristics. E-Z Sonic™ tapered ultrasonic inserts are machined out of brass and are available in single and double-vane lengths for maximum design flexibility. Internal threads from #2 to 3/8 and M2.5 to M6 are available.

Watch This Video To Learn How To Install Heat Set Inserts

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