E-Z LOK™ Thread Inserts for Metal (Solid Wall)

E-Z LOK™ (Solid Wall) threaded inserts for metal are ideal for repairing or reinforcing threaded holes in soft metals like aluminum, magnesium and cast iron. External threads are standard size and pitch, so they can be installed with standard drills and taps. Our solid wall threaded inserts can be installed with a screwdriver, bolt/jam nut (except IC series) or optional power drive tool.

Solid wall thread inserts will not back out or vibrate loose. The pre-applied, microencapsulated adhesive begins to set immediately upon installation and the newly installed insert is fastener-ready in 3-5 minutes.

Although they have a firm hold while in use, E-Z LOK™ (Solid Wall) threaded inserts for metal are removable. Unlike thread inserts that are mechanically locked in place with keys or pins, which need to be drilled out, these inserts can be removed with a bolt extractor, which overcomes the resistance to torque-out produced by the adhesive. They can also be removed by heating the insert to a temperature above 300°F (149°C), at which point the adhesive will release.

Features of E-Z LOK™ (Solid Wall) Threaded Inserts for Metal:

  • Strong: Screw machined out of solid steel for greater strength.
  • Easy to Install: Simply drill, tap and thread like an ordinary fastener.
  • Standard OD Threads: Permit the use of standard drills and taps.
  • Self-Locking: Pre-applied adhesive activates upon installation.
  • Vibration Resistant: Adhesive secures the insert in place so it won’t back out.

Threaded Inserts for Metal: Carbon Steel Vs Stainless Steel

E-Z LOK's thread inserts for metal are manufactured with premium materials for top-quality applications. Both self locking, vibration resistant and are designed to seal against liquids and gases. But how do they differ?

Their biggest distinction is how they're used. Our Carbon Steel thread inserts are specifically designed to reinforce holes or repair damaged threads in cast iron, aluminum, magnesium and other soft metals. They're available in Thin Wall, Standard Wall, Extra Heavy Wall, Screw Locking and Automotive. In comparison, our Stainless Steel thread inserts are perfect for applications requiring additional corrosion resistance, as well as food, beverage and other clean-critical applications.

Are E-Z LOK's threaded inserts for metal removable?

Yes. Our thread inserts for metal differ from others that are mechanically locked in with keys or pins. While those need to be drilled out, these can be removed with a bolt extractor, which overcomes the resistance to torque-out produced by the adhesive. Additionally, you can also remove them by heating the insert above 300°F (149°C). When heated above this temperature, the adhesive will release.

What are the benefits of using E-Z LOK's Threaded Insert Tools?

E-Z LOK's Threaded Insert Tools are a great way to speed up your installation process. They're easy to use with our Solid Threaded, Knife Thread and Hex Drive Inserts and fit standard power drills and drill presses. They also help you install inserts quickly without engaging internal threads.

What's included in an E-Z LOK Thread Repair Kit?

Each of our Thread Repair Kits is equipped with durable, premium-quality thread inserts in your choice of internal thread sizes. They're available in a variety of internal thread sizes and come in both standard and metric measurements. These kits include all the tools you need to install your thread repair inserts and can be used in aluminum, case iron, steel, wood, automotive and spark plug applications.

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