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3 Reasons to Use E-Z LOK™ Solid Wall Threaded Inserts for Metal

If you're looking for strong self-locking threaded inserts for your project, E-Z LOK's Solid Wall threaded inserts are some of the best on the market. Made out of tough steel materials and featuring adhesive-filled threads, these cutting-edge self-locking threaded inserts offer long-lasting fittings with each installation. Plus, after they're installed, they have the capability to resist the roughest vibrations to remain securely seated in the gap.

Our inserts are available in a variety of length and thread sizes, so you're bound to find the right components to complete your repairs. Plus, we sell full E-Z LOK Solid Wall kits that are packed with everything you need for your job. From carbon steel to stainless steel self-locking threaded inserts, you won't find a better quality fastener elsewhere.

Advantages of Using E-Z LOK Solid Wall Self-Locking Threaded Inserts

With the Solid Wall E-Z LOK inserts, installing threaded inserts into metal is easier than ever. But, these self-locking threaded inserts offer many advantages over traditional fasteners. If you're considering reinforcing a threaded hole in cast iron, aluminum or magnesium, here are three reasons why you should use our Solid Wall inserts:

  • They're powerful and resilient to last for years to come.
  • They can be installed and set in place within 5 minutes.
  • After the adhesive activates, the fastener self-locks and stays in place.

What is Required for Installing Solid Wall Self-Locking Threaded Inserts?

Whether you do or don't know how to install threaded inserts in metal, our E-Z LOK Solid Wall inserts don't require much expertise or any special tools. In fact, where E-Z Coil™ inserts need a specific installation tool, these self-locking threaded inserts can be applied using a bolt and jam nut or a standard screwdriver. However, you can still use drive tools if you'd prefer.

FAQ About E-Z LOK Solid Wall Self-Locking Threaded Inserts

Although our Solid Wall self-locking threaded inserts are easy to operate, you may still have some questions about them, especially if you don't know how to use threaded inserts. Don't fret — we're here to help. If you have any questions about this product, don't hesitate to contact us at any time. However, first check out one of our most commonly asked questions below to see if we've already clarified your inquiry.

What Do Solid Wall Self-Locking Threaded Inserts Resist?

As we mentioned before, E-Z LOK Solid Wall self-locking threaded inserts are vibration-resistant. However, no matter what type of soft metal you install them into, you can expect resistance to liquids and immense gas pressures up to 6,000 psi. You won't have to worry about these fasteners being worn down or knocked out of place.

Purchase E-Z LOK Solid Wall Self-Locking Threaded Inserts

Don't keep relying on the same ordinary inserts to modify and fix damaged holes. With E-Z LOK's Solid Wall fasteners, you can rest assured that your metals are fully repaired and protected from liquids, vibrations and other types of damaging factors. Browse our assortment of Solid Wall self-locking threaded inserts and order today!

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How to Install E-Z Lok Inserts

E-Z LOK solid wall threaded inserts for metal install with standard tools. No special tap or installation tool needed.

Installing E-Z Lok Thin Wall Inserts

E-Z LOK Thin Wall inserts for metal require the use of a slightly larger drill than normally used with the corresponding tap.

3 Reasons to Use E-Z LOK Solid Wall Threaded Inserts

Discover more about solid wall threaded inserts and metal threaded inserts in this video. E-Z LOK solid wall threaded inserts are strong, easy to install, and self-locking. Strong threads made easy. Check our website for more details on solid wall threaded inserts for metal!