E-Z Fin™ Thread Inserts for Wood

Also known as Finserts, E-Z Fin™ brass threaded inserts for wood provide robust, metal threads in soft wood materials. They are capable of distributing stress over a greater surface area, which allows for permanent fastening that minimizes the possibility of thread erosion.

To accommodate for varying material thicknesses, E-Z Fin™ inserts are available in single, double or triple fin designs. Internal threads sizes range from #6 to 5/16.

Important Note: E-Z Fin™ thread inserts for wood samples may be provided to distributors upon request, so that you can fully test the inserts with your specific application. Due to numerous factors such as material and tools, hole size requirements could vary. Save your time and energy by contacting us, and we'll be happy to help.


  • Easy and fast press-in installation
  • Design reduces splitting and splintering
  • Can be applied to composition board, MDF and pine

E-Z LOK™ has additional brass inserts for other applications, including plastic:

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Additional Information On E-Z LOK's Thread Inserts for Wood

E-Z LOK is proud to offer premium-quality thread inserts for wood at affordable prices. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, our brass threaded inserts for wood are just the thing to help you get the job done. Shop our selection today to find the right pieces for your application!

1. Is It Okay to Tighten and Loosen Thread Inserts for Wood?

Yes. You can tighten and loosen thread inserts for wood an unlimited amount of times. If you tightened and loosened normal wood screws, you'd end up enlarging the hole and lessening the grip. However, our brass threaded inserts for wood won't pose this issue.

2. What Type of Material Can Threaded Inserts for Wood be Used for?

Finsert threaded inserts for wood are designed to be used in soft woods and plywood. Simply press the inserts into place and the OD fins grip the wall of the hole and lock in place.

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