Thread Insert Tools for Installing E-Z Hex Inserts

E-Z LOK Threaded Insert Tools speed up the installation of solid threaded inserts for metal, Knife Thread Inserts for hard wood and Hex Drive Thread Inserts for soft wood. A standard hex shaft allows our thread insert tool to be used by power drills or drill presses in higher volume installations. Both styles of our insert tools quickly drive in the threaded inserts without time-consuming thread engagement.

Thread Insert Tool Features:

  • Quickly install E-Z LOK slotted inserts
  • Use with Solid Threaded Inserts, Knife Thread Inserts, and Hex Drive Inserts
  • All fit standard power drills and drill presses
  • Quickly install inserts without engaging internal threadsl

A Closer Look at E-Z LOK Threaded Insert Installation Tools

Each E-Z LOK drive tool is specifically designed for easy use and fast results. They can be used with Solid Thread Inserts, Knife Thread Inserts and Hex Drive Inserts for softwood. Additionally, they fit standard power drills and drill presses and won't engage with internal threads. Both of these styles provide quick, simple installation you can count on.

1. How do threaded inserts work?

Our threaded inserts are designed with threads on the outside and inside of the insert. Each insert is either threaded into a pre-tapped hole or taps its own thread in a drilled or molded hole. Once this is complete, it is then anchored and stays in place.

2. What applications can I use E-Z Hex inserts for?

Our E-Z Hex inserts are a perfect choice for a number of applications like:

  • Ready to Assemble Furniture
  • Drawer Pulls
  • Display Cases
  • Crating
  • Materials such as pine, plywood, composition board, and MDF
  • ...anywhere a threaded fastener is installed in softwood

3. I have a question that wasn't answered here. Where can I ask it?

If you have a question about E-Z LOK drive tool products or any other of E-Z LOK's products, we're happy to provide our expertise. Fill out our contact form or reach out to our customer service representatives at the following number: 800-234-5613. We also recommend checking out our additional resources below for more information about our threaded insert installation tool selection.

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