E-Z LOK Literature

Product Brochure

E-Z LOK’s 16-page brochure provides a complete listing of all threaded inserts for metal, plastic and wood. Included information includes internal and external (where applicable) thread sizes, dimensional data, required hole sizes, and optional drive tool information.

Quick Guide

E-Z LOK’s Quick Guide is a convenient way to review the complete line of thread inserts and associated products. All insert styles – for metal, plastic and wood – are detailed. Along with available kits and installation tools. All in an easy to use 12-page mini-brochure.

Thread Repair Station Brochure

E-Z LOK has created an 18"(w) x 11"(h) x 12"(d) Threaded Insert Station that arrives fully stocked and labeled in a high quality Durham cabinet. Learn how this easy to use, compact setup, will lead to optimized inventory, and improved customer loyalty.