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How to Install E-Z LOK Knife™ Threaded Inserts in Hardwood

E-Z Knife threaded inserts for hard wood are ideal for assembling and disassembling furniture, cabinetry, partitions and more. E-Z knife inserts for screws are available in brass and stainless steel options for durability that will last years. You can use these knife inserts for those "tough to work with" woods such as oak, cherry and maple, and to help protect your future projects against thread erosion or stripping.

No matter the job, you can count on E-Z LOK female threaded insert for wood to provide serious holding power, thanks to the proprietary external knife thread used to slice into the wood. And, thanks to the easy installation process, you'll be able to work quicker and get unmatched results. Keep reading to learn more about E-Z LOK knife threaded inserts for hardwood.

Why You Should Use E-Z LOK Knife Thread Inserts for Hardwood

Why are E-Z LOK knife inserts the best-threaded inserts for wood? Our threaded inserts for hardwood offer a more robust alternative to weld nuts as well as tapped holes. They're even able to provide a stronger bond than self-tapping screws.

Knife threaded screw inserts for wood are typically the strongest and least time-consuming fasteners you can use when building furniture, storm shutters, marine applications and more. Not to mention, you can install E-Z LOK knife thread inserts at nearly every stage of your project. They won't require any reworking after installation, so you can use knife thread inserts for wood even if your piece is already painted or coated.

Installing E-Z LOK Knife Inserts

It's easy to install E-Z LOK wood inserts. Threaded insert installation only takes a few minutes, and requires only a few steps to follow.

You can install knife thread inserts by first drilling the specified hole size into your hardwood and then turning in the insert. If you're installing just a few furniture inserts, you can use a bolt and jam nuts for the entire process. All you have to do is thread a pair of nuts onto a bolt, then thread on your knife insert. From there, you can use a wrench or rachet to thread the knife insert into place on the wood. Once installed, you can loosen the nuts and back out the bolt.

If you're planning for higher volume installation, we recommend using an E-Z LOK drive tool. For this method, you just need to attach the drive tool to a power drill or drill press, thread the knife insert onto the driver and then thread the knife insert into place.

What's the Difference Between Brass & Stainless Steel Knife Thread Inserts?

Brass threaded knife inserts for hardwood are a nonmagnetic, mildly corrosion-resistant and electrically conductive type of hardware, which is generally used as furniture inserts as well as in the construction of cabinetry and partitions. Stainless steel thread knife inserts tend to have a stronger resistance to chemicals, corrosion and are mildly magnetic. These are generally used for applications where your project will be subjected to more inclement weather conditions.

Purchase E-Z LOK Knife Thread Inserts for Wood Today

Are you ready to put our E-Z LOK knife thread inserts for wood to the test? Browse our entire selection to find the size and material that best suits your needs and your specific industry. When you know what you need, locate your nearest distributor to place your order and start your job right away.

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