Threaded Inserts for Metal & Thread Repair


E-Z LOK threaded inserts for metal are the perfect solution for unified and metric threat repair in maintenance departments, tool cribs and countless applications in the metalworking and molding industries. Our solid wall and coil (helical) unified and metric thread repair kits provide a quick and easy fix for inch or metric thread repair, or for reinforcing holes in soft metals like aluminum, magnesium and cast iron.

Our solid wall thread inserts for metal are screw machined out of steel and feature standard OD threads, which allow the use of standard taps for installation. Traditional coil inserts accommodate even the smallest hole sizes possible and work with existing STI taps and installation tools.

Benefits of Metal Threaded Inserts:

  • Solid wall and coil (helical) metric thread repair designs
  • Metric thread repair kits available in carbon and stainless steel
  • Unified sizes from #2 to 1-½
  • Metric sizes from M2 to M39
  • Repair kits come with inserts and tools
  • Assortment kits contain threaded inserts for metal in a range of sizes

Solid Wall & Coil Thread Inserts for Metal

Easy to use and long-lasting, threaded inserts for metal are a perfect solution for a variety of applications. What's the difference between EZ-LOK's solid wall and coil inserts? Solid wall threaded inserts for metal are standard size and are ideal for repairing or reinforcing holes in aluminum, magnesium and cast iron. In comparison, coil thread inserts for metal are designed to quickly repair or reinforce miniscule sized, tapped holes and can withstand temperatures up to 800°F.

How do metal threaded inserts work?

Thread inserts for metal dramatically extend the life of a hole and are a great alternative to using wood. They create a metal threading point which can be installed and removed multiple times. The best part is none of this diminishes the hold strength of the hole.

How do you install threaded inserts for metal?

Simply drill, tap and install. When you use EZ-LOK's threaded inserts for metal, the process is really that straightforward. For an even better idea, watch the installation for yourself.

Learn More About Threaded Inserts for Metal

Threaded inserts for metal offer solutions to a variety of applications. The E-Z LOK experts have compiled the following resources to help you get the most use out of them.

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Select up to 4 items to compare.