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E-Z Knife™ Threaded Insert Installation


An E-Z LOK™ knife thread insert is ideal for hard wood applications where assembly or disassembly could lead to thread erosion or stripping. Before starting your project and ordering your inserts, however, we highly recommend testing your application — hard wood insert hole size requirements can vary based on many different factors, including the type of wood and the tools you'll be using.

To install the insert, simply drill a hole and thread the insert into place with a bolt/jam nut or optional drive tool.

If the wood you're working with is particularly hard, or if there is difficulty getting the E-Z Knife™ insert to thread in straight, these additional steps may help:

  1. Create a drive tool with full thread engagement for maximum control during installation (see below).
  2. Increase the hole size 1/64.
  3. Lubricate the insert with liquid soap or varnish
  4. Consider a stainless steel threaded insert.

Creating a Drive Tool for Hard Wood Inserts:

  1. Cut the head off a bolt with a similar thread to the insert's internal thread (can be rounded off for safety).
  2. Thread two nuts onto the bolt, followed by the E-Z Knife™ threaded insert (slotted end down).
  3. Put the bolt into a hand drill or drill press.
  4. Prior to installation, make sure the two nuts are threaded down to the top of the insert.
  5. Thread in the insert.
  6. Loosen the nuts and back out the driver.

Additional Tips for Harder Wood:

We understand that harder woods can make the installation of our inserts difficult. Please review the Jenka Hardness chart below for recommendation on how to install E-Z LOKs in harder woods.

Click image to enlarge:

Have further questions about the E-Z Knife™ insert or any of our other products? Contact us today or check out the resources in our knowledge center to learn more about product specifications, mechanical properties and more.