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5 Benefits of Using Threaded Inserts for Metal Projects

October 6th, 2022Generated with Avocode.Ellipse 1By E-Z Lok

Threaded inserts for metal are used to provide strong anchor points for fasteners in softer metal applications such as nickel and aluminum. Threaded metal inserts are paired with threaded fasteners to create a strong bond between two or more objects.

But why should you use thread inserts for metal? And what kind of metal projects use them? We take a look at threaded inserts for metal and the top five benefits of using them for your metal project, including:

What Are Threaded Inserts For Metal Made Of?

Thread inserts for metal come in both solid wall and helicoil varieties. These metal threaded inserts are made from carbon steel or stainless steel and come in unified and metric measurements.

Because they are made of steel, threaded inserts are durable. Stainless steel inserts also add corrosion resistance. Solid wall inserts are installed with standard drills and taps and feature standard OD threads. Both solid wall and helicoil-style inserts are great for repairing previously drilled holes or reinforcing newly threaded holes.

What Metal Projects Use Threaded Inserts?

Self-locking threaded inserts for metal and helicoils are popular choices in various industries. Solid wall metal inserts are used in dozens of different applications and projects. The most common industries to use self-locking metal inserts include:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Renewable Energy
  • Transportation
  • Electronics
  • Medical Equipment
  • Defense

Threaded Inserts for Metal Projects: 5 Key Advantages

A wide range of industries continue to use thread inserts for metal projects. Let's take a deeper look at what makes them an ideal choice for those business sectors and enterprises. Self-locking threaded inserts for metal are ideal choices for a number of applications for the following reasons.

1. Quick Installation

For helicoils and solid wall metal inserts, the process is simple: Drill, tap and thread like any normal fastener for a fast and simple anchor point.

2. Enhanced Fastening Strength

Solid-wall inserts, particularly those made from carbon steel, are machined out of solid steel to create a stronger overall product and provide even more strength.

3. Vibration Resistance

The adhesive in solid wall threaded inserts for metal secures the insert in place and helps prevent any loosening due to vibration. This makes them ideal for automotive and aerospace applications.

4. Thread Quality

Utilizing standard OD threads, metal inserts can be used with standard drills and taps. Pre-applied adhesive makes our solid-wall threaded inserts for metal self-locking. With a carbon steel body, they are some of the strongest thread inserts available today.

5. Corrosion Resistance

Made from carbon and stainless steel, E-Z LOK™ threaded metal inserts are highly resistant to corrosion due to the elements and weather conditions, making them ideal for use outdoors or in intense environments where corrosion would be a concern.

Get Threaded Inserts For Metal From E-Z LOK™

For durable, long-lasting metal threaded inserts, there's no better choice than E-Z LOK™. Get the very best in threaded inserts for metal with our solid-wall and helicoil varieties. Our self-adhesive solid-wall metal inserts are vibration- and corrosion-resistant to offer you superior, long-lasting performance. E-Z LOK™ also produces inserts for wood applications so you can always find the inserts you need. Choose the E-Z road with E-Z LOK™ threaded inserts for aluminum, nickel and other metal applications.

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