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How to Use Threaded Inserts in Metal Applications

September 9th, 2022Generated with Avocode.Ellipse 1By E-Z Lok

Threaded inserts for metal are useful hardware components. Utilized in a wide range of applications, threaded inserts for metal create strong fastening points in just a few simple steps. Lets review some of the different uses for threaded inserts and how they are installed.

What Are Threaded Inserts For Metal?

Threaded inserts for metal are used to reinforce or repair tapped holes in soft metals like aluminum, cast iron and magnesium. Available in solid wall and helical designs, threaded inserts for metal are ideal for applications where repeated threading and torque stress are likely to lead to thread erosion and stripping.

Solid Wall Threaded Inserts for Metal

Solid wall threaded inserts are a bushing-type fastener with internal and external threads. Available in carbon and stainless steel, solid wall inserts allow for strong, steel threads to be added to soft metals. Standard OD threads allow for the use of standard drills and taps for installation. Pre-applied Loctite adhesive makes them self-locking.

Helical Inserts For Metal

Sometimes referred to as coil thread inserts or helicoils, helical threaded inserts for metal provide a convenient way to repair stripped threads. A helical insert is a coiled wire that creates internal threads for fasteners. Made from 304 stainless steel, helical threaded inserts for metal are corrosion-resistant, lightweight and use the smallest hole enlargement possible when repairing damaged threads

Find Threaded Inserts For Metal, Wood or Plastic

Our threaded inserts for metal, wood or plastic will help you create durable fastenings no matter the medium. Made from high-quality materials like carbon steel, brass and stainless steel, E-Z LOK™ threaded inserts come in different sizes and varieties. Get threaded inserts for metal, wood or plastic along with installation kits, taps and driver sets.

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Industries and Uses for Threaded Inserts

Helical inserts and solid wall thread inserts for metal are popular in various industries. E-Z LOK™ threaded inserts for metal are self-locking with pre-applied adhesive that activates when installed. This makes them ideal for dozens of applications.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, here are some of the industrial sectors that utilize threaded inserts for metal:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial Repair
  • Machining
  • Construction
  • Consumer Electronics

Metric Or Imperial Standard?

No matter what size or standard you use, our stainless steel threaded inserts for metal are fit for the job. We carry threaded inserts for metric and standard sizes. You will always have the hardware you need regardless of the project.

Expand Your Knowledge Base With E-Z LOK™ Instructional Videos

Do you have questions about installing your self-tapping threaded inserts for metal? Check out our instructional videos for step-by-step visual guides on installing helicoils and threaded inserts for aluminum metal. Learn about the different varieties of threaded inserts we produce as well as the various tool available to you to help with your installation.

Source Your Threaded Inserts for Metal From E-Z LOK™

E-Z LOK™ is a single-source provider of solid wall and helical coil threaded inserts for metal applications. Our self-adhesive carbon steel threaded inserts are easy to install and provide long-lasting, durable fastenings for your hardware. To build the best you have to use the best. That's why builders, manufacturers and craftsmen choose E-Z LOK™ stainless steel threaded inserts for metal. Order online today or locate a distributor near you.

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