E-Z Press™ Threaded Insert for Plastic

E-Z Press™ inserts are threaded press-in inserts designed for post-molding installation in either thermoset plastics or thermoplastics. A slotted design with diamond-knurled OD allows for “cold” installation with optimum torque/pull-out resistance. Cold installation of threaded inserts reduces the cost of moldings and eliminates the need to “chase” threads after molding.

Our E-Z Press™ inserts are available in three styles: flush, flanged, and reverse slot. All three types press into place for fast, easy installation. Anything from a rubber mallet to an arbor press can be used for installation.


  • Install cold
  • Reduce the cost of moldings
  • Cut reject waste caused by misaligned and faulty inserts
  • Eliminate the need to “chase” threads after molding
  • Install properly without a precise hole depth


As the E-Z Press™ insert is installed, it compresses slightly along the slot. As the fastener is threaded into place, the insert expands and the diamond knurl is pressed into the wall of the hole, securing the insert in place.

Important Note: Hole size requirements may vary depending on a number of factors, including material and tools. We recommend that you test your particular application before ordering.

E-Z LOK™ has additional brass inserts for other applications:

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