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A Closer Look at Our E-Z Sonic Ultrasonic Inserts

Our E-Z Sonic Ultrasonic Inserts are ideal for post-molding installation in thermoplastic materials. Made with durable brass, each of the ultrasonic inserts we offer is designed to handle tough environments and get the job done. With superior torque and pull-out resistance, you can count on our ultrasonic inserts for plastic to meet the needs of any application. To learn more about them, continue reading for resources and information from our experts.

1. What are Some Advantages of Ultrasonic Inserts Installation?

There are many benefits that come with installing ultrasonic inserts. One of them is versatility. Machines can be changed to accommodate different sized and shaped inserts. Another perk is ultrasonic installation machines can be used for plastic-to-plastic welding and other processes.

2. What's the Difference Between E-Z Press and E-Z Sonic Ultrasonic Inserts for Plastic?

Unlike E-Z Press, E-Z Sonic Ultrasonic Inserts are specifically designed for use in thermoplastics. They're also ideal for 3D printing applications. We offer them in two varieties: tapered and straight. Both options feature knurl/groove patterns designed for optimum torque and pull out resistance.

In comparison, E-Z Press plastic threaded inserts are designed for both thermoset plastics and thermoplastics. They're available in three varieties: flush, flanged and reverse slot. They're specifically created for easy "cold" installation. To Install, simply press them into place with a rubber mallet, arbor press or other implement.

3. How Can I Find a Distributor of E-Z LOK Products?

E-Z LOK threaded inserts are available nationally through a number of distributors. Whether you're interested in our ultrasonic inserts or another one of our products, you can contact us or locate a distributor near you.