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Heat-Set Inserts

Heat set inserts are great for creating strong threads in thermoplastic parts, which is why they are perfect for 3D printing. They provide strong, machine threads in areas that could easily strip out. During installation, the heated inserts soften the wall of the hole and plastic flows into the knurls and grooves of the insert. As the plastic cools, it locks the insert into place. The main benefit of the heat-set insert is the strong bond established between the insert and thermoplastic.

Installing heat-set inserts is quick and easy, and you only need a few tools. To get started you’ll need metal heat-set inserts in your desired size, the thermoplastic parts you’re working with and a soldering iron. First, choose the bolt sizes as well as the corresponding inserts needed for your application. If this is a 3D printing project, you’ll have to sketch out the dimensions and locations of the holes, and then print the piece. Once the thermoplastic is ready for installation, start heating up your soldering iron. When the iron is at a good temperature, use it to press in each insert. Position each insert above its hole and ensure that it is centered and straight. Line up the tip of the iron with the middle of the insert and apply pressure while it heats up. The insert will then start to sink into the plastic part until it is flush with the top.

Once the inserts are all set into your piece, let them cool for a few minutes. Look over your part to make sure the inserts are all placed correctly and make adjustments as needed. After completing those simple steps, you’re done! Installing heat-set inserts is quick and easy with the right tools and guidance. Shop E-Z LOK for the right heat-set inserts for your project today!

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