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A Guide to Thread Repair Kits

May 2nd, 2022Generated with Avocode.Ellipse 1By E-Z Lok

Wire thread inserts are a great way to reinforce or repair threads in a drilled hole. Sometimes, it's not cost-effective to remove the parts that have been damaged, but thread repair kits are an effective way to fix a thread without busting your budget.

In this article, we will take a look at what a thread insert repair kit is, when you need to use a thread repair kit and how to use an E-Z LOK coil thread repair kit.

What Is a Thread Repair Kit?

A thread repair kit allows damaged threads to be removed from a hole and replaced with new threads of the exact same size. These sets can be used to provide strong threads in soft materials such as aluminum.

A thread repair kit usually consists of:

  • A tapping tool
  • An insertion tool
  • Some threaded inserts

You will need a drill bit – if the kit does not include one – as well as a tap wrench.

Helical inserts, often called by the brand name Helicoil inserts, are often used in a thread insert repair kit. Helicoil inserts look like tightly wound springs and consist of a helix that is wound from a wire and has a diamond cross section.

At E-Z LOK, we offer thread inserts for metal as well as solid wall threaded inserts and many other types.

When Should You Use a Thread Insert Repair Kit?

Threads can become damaged in many different ways, which can determine if you need to use a thread repair kit. When a male thread becomes damaged, often it can be cleaned by running a die over it. When threads are only lightly damaged, sometimes you can reform the threads by running a nut up and down. However, there is a risk the nut will fuse to the thread. That's why it's safer to use a die.

When threads have been stripped from a hole, you have a few options to solve this problem. One solution is to drill out the hole and use a larger diameter thread to tap it. However, this newly tapped hole is just as prone to stripping as the original hole. The preferred solution is to repair and reinforce the tapped hole with a thread repair kit.

How To Use A Thread Repair Kit From E-Z LOK

E-Z LOK thread repair insert kits are available in a range of internal thread sizes, in both standard and metric measurements. Our E-Z LOK Solid Wall and E-Z Coil thread repair kits are designed to be super user-friendly and will make completing your project as simple as possible. E-Z LOK rethread kits also include all the tools you need to install your thread repair inserts. These kits are designed for use in a range of applications, including aluminum, cast iron, steel, wood and automotive.

To use an E-Z LOK thread insert repair kit:

  1. Use an appropriate drill to drill out the damaged thread.
  2. Tap the hole using the included STI tap. It is very important to use the included STI when installing E-Z Coil inserts. STI taps are designed specifically to install coil threaded inserts in aluminum, cast iron and mild steel.
  3. Once the hole has been drilled and tapped, you can use the included installation tool to thread the insert into place. Apply light pressure until the top of the coil is about one-quarter to one-half turn below the surface.
  4. If you are installing E-Z LOK Solid Wall inserts, installation is complete once the insert is installed. For E-Z Coil helical inserts, the tang needs to be removed after the insert is installed. To break off the installation tang, place the tang break tool included with the kit or the installation tool on the tang and then tap down sharply with a hammer.

Let E-Z LOK Help With Your Thread Repair Kit Needs

When you need the best thread repair kit, E-Z LOK has you covered. Our thread inserts are designed for use in a number of industries.

Contact our team of experts and find out how we can help your business.

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