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How To Use E-Z LOK Threaded Inserts with Preapplied Loctite™ 204 Adhesive

Knowing how to use LOCTITE™ and how it works will help you get the best results for your application.

Pre-applied LOCTITE™ 204 adhesive activates upon installation and securely locks the insert in place. Inserts are “fastener-ready” 4-5 minutes after installation when using this metal adhesive. Full cure is achieved in 72 hours.

LOCTITE™ 204 performs in temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Important: In order for the LOCTITE™ adhesive to perform properly, the tapped hole must be clean and dry. LOCTITE™ 204 works only on threaded inserts for metal. Installing an E-Z LOK™ (Solid Wall) threaded insert from metal in plastic or wood will not work.

If desired, E-Z LOK™ (Solid Wall) inserts can be supplied without pre-applied LOCTITE™ metal adhesive, allowing you to apply whatever adhesive you would like to use prior to installation.

LOCTITE™ Specs 204 Data Sheet

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LOCTITE™ has been your supplier of hardware glue & adhesives for our products for many years and is one of the most trusted names in the industry. We pre-apply LOCTITE™ adhesive on the external threads of our inserts which activates upon installation and securely locks the insert in place. We’ve shown you the LOCTITE™ specs and how to use LOCTITE™, now it’s time for you to find out why E-Z LOK threaded inserts are the perfect solution for applications that require unified and metric thread repair.