170 Series - Single Fin
170 Series – Single Fin
270 Series - Double Fin
270 Series – Double Fin
370 Series - Triple Fin
370 Series – Triple Fin
  • Easy press-in installation
  • Design minimizes splintering and splitting
  • Available in 3 lengths for varying material thicknesses

Finsert threaded inserts provide strong, metal threads in soft woods, like pine, composition board, and MDF. Firm, permanent fastening is achieved by distributing stress over a greater surface area, minimizing the possibility of splintering, splitting, and thread erosion.

Machined out of brass, Finserts are available in single, double or triple fin designs for varying material thicknesses. Internal threads sizes range from #6 to 5/16.

Important Note: Hole size requirements may vary depending on a number of factors, including material and tools. We recommend that you test your particular application before ordering. We gladly supply free samples.