Strong threads made easy in metal, plastic and wood.

Strong threads made easy in metal, plastic and wood.

E-Z LOK™ is a family owned and operated business founded in 1956. E-Z LOK started with the creation of its proprietary solid wall threaded insert designed for use in soft metals like aluminum, magnesium, and cast iron. The E-Z LOK design allows users to repair damaged or worn out threads without the need for special taps or installation tools.

Over the years, the E-Z LOK product line expanded to include inserts for plastic and wood, as well as coil (helical) threaded inserts for metal.

The E-Z LOK’s E-Z Coil™ line of coil (helical) inserts quickly repair damaged threads in soft metals and protect tapped holes from stripping and wear.

E-Z LOK threaded inserts for plastic are intended for post-molding installation. Ultrasonic inserts are designed for use in thermoplastics, while Press Inserts can be used in either thermoplastics or thermoset plastics.

E-Z LOK threaded inserts for wood are offered in designs for hard and soft wood. Knife Thread inserts provide a strong, machine thread in hard woods like oak, cherry, and maple. The zinc die cast Hex Drive inserts offer a cost effective solution for soft woods like pine, composition board, and MDF.

Extensive inventories are maintained in seven warehouses across the US, to meet your immediate needs as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

E-Z LOK sells through industrial distribution exclusively, offering competitive pricing, low minimums, and inventory-efficient package quantities.  The line is carried by every major national MRO distributor in the U.S., as well as by regional and local distributors across the country. In addition, more detailed information is available within the site. You can view our online catalog here, or you can submit an RFQ form for current pricing and availability.