Loctite Spec Sheet

Preapplied Loctite™ 204 adhesive activates upon installation and securely locks the insert in place. Inserts are “fastener-ready” 4-5 minutes after installation. Full cure is achieved in 72 hours. At full cure, Loctite seals against liquids and gases to 6,000 psi.

Loctite 204 performs in temperatures to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Breakaway torque is 280 in/lbs.

Important: In order for the adhesive to perform properly, the tapped hole must be clean and dry. Loctite 204 works only in metal. Installing an E-Z LOK threaded insert from metal in plastic or wood will not work.

If desired, E-Z LOK solid wall inserts can be supplied without preapplied adhesive, allowing you to apply whatever adhesive you would like to use prior to installation.

Loctite™  204 Data Sheet.pdf