E-Z LOK Knife Thread inserts for hard wood
Hard wood inserts are beneficial in a variety of ways. Some of the main benefits of using a hard wood insert include:
  • Superior hard wood holding power
  • Sizing variety, inch (coarse/fine) & metric
  • Brass or stainless steel options
  • Easily installs with a screwdriver, bolt/jam nut, or optional drive tool

Knife Thread Inserts for Wood

Knife thread inserts are designed for use in hard woods, like oak, cherry, and maple. Knife thread inserts are ideal for use wherever assembly or disassembly could lead to thread erosion or stripping. Also, knife thread inserts for wood use a proprietary external “knife” thread to slice into the wood, which provides superior holding power.

Material & Sizing for Hard Wood Inserts

Knife thread inserts are most often machined out of brass when internal thread sizes range from #4 to 3/8 or M3 to M8. For additional corrosion resistance, stainless steel knife thread inserts are used with 8-32, 10-24, and 1/4-20 internal threads.

Applications & Installation of Hard Wood Inserts

Typical applications for knife thread inserts include furniture, cabinetry, partitions, and shipping containers. To install the insert, simply drill a hole and thread the insert into place using a screwdriver, bolt/jam nut, or optional drive tool.
For particularly hard wood – or if there is difficulty getting the hard wood insert to thread-in straight – a drive tool can be made with full thread engagement for maximum control during installation.

Creating a Drive Tool for Hard Wood Inserts

  1. Cut the head off a bolt with a similar thread to the inserts internal thread (can be rounded off for safety)
  2. Thread two nuts onto the bolt, followed by the insert (slotted end down)
  3. Put the bolt into a hand drill or drill press
  4. Prior to installing, make sure the two nuts are threaded down to the top of the insert.
  5. Thread in the insert
  6. Loosen the nuts and back out the driver
Important Note: Hard wood insert hole size requirements may vary depending on a variety of factors, including material and tools. We recommend that you test your application before ordering. We will gladly supply free hard wood insert samples.
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