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STI Taps for E-Z Coil™ Threaded Inserts


A screw thread insert tap, or STI tap, operates in the same manner as a "standard" tap. However, the difference is that STI taps produce an oversized thread specifically for E-Z Coil™ inserts.

During installation, the threads cut by an STI tap allow the E-Z Coil™ insert to compress and form into the desired thread size, guaranteeing a snug fit. STI taps are ideal for softer metals that require a strong threaded insert.

E-Z LOK’s E-Z Coil™ STI taps are manufactured from high-speed steel (HSS) for superior durability, and we offer them in a wide range of sizes to meet your unique requirements.

E-Z LOK™ STI tap for E-Z Coil™ threaded inserts

STI Taps for E-Z Coil™

Available In:

  • Inch sizes from #2 to 1-1/2
  • Metric sizes from M3 to M39
  • Spark plug sizes from M10 to M18
  • Straight flute
  • 4-thread lead